BUF – BINTULU URBAN FESTIVAL arises from the master idea of building a platform for Bintulu Citizens of all ages & races to pile up to share their passion, obsessions and desire to explore new possibilities, be it a business/networking platform, creation showcase, sports or talents exploration.


At BUF Street Market, we want you to experience the other world. Feel the street market vibe & sit back with a glass of wine, accompanied by live musician performance. Taste and smell our exciting fusion of various Asian Cuisines & take your time to share it with your friends. Imagine strolling along the bustling night with stalls spill along Civic Center Street showcasing various local designers’ branding apparels, high street fashion and Art & Craft.

Bintulu Development Exhibition '18

Yea Run Btu – The Yea Run Btu prides itself as the first initiated run in Bintulu & marked its highest participants to date last year with over 2000 runners. It’s all started with a humble beginning of a group of passionate runners who determined to send out a “yell” to the public and tell them ‘Hye, let’s Do It!”

‘YEA’ derives from ‘夜’ which mean ‘night’ in Chinese Language. Being manifest as the one of the most quality fun run in town, the team spirit never diminishes in ensuring the quality of design, route, pleasure and safety measure to runners.

Maju Sarawak Run – supported by N-Degree Crew, holding the largest number of participants in Sarawak’s registered run at the positive numbers of 2500. Maju Sarawak Run had ever seen become an iconic yearly run that had been going on for 4 years continuously.

A range of readymade post-modernism tents prepared by a well experienced “ URBAN CAMPING FESTIVAL“ to disconnect our participants from technology and take a break from the busy Industrial Town.

Anti-Litter Campaign needs the participation of every Bintulu Citizens. We hope all of us will stay united and stand together to create a cleaner city.

​90 minutes of ZUMBA Marathon. Burn off your crazy !

FLY HIGH ! Bintulu Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Are you ready for your Chicken Dinner?